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Useful tips for new PUBG players

PUBG game has been downloaded by millions of people around the world. Players often try using PUBG hacks as well but keep in mind that this could lead to a permanent ban in the game. The game is becoming too complicated, and the players are getting banned from the game. Players are losing their money as well in the game; with cheats, their performance is improved without spending money. We are going to discuss some other measures as well which are going to help new players in the game.

Collect the right ammunition in the game 

Collecting the right type of ammunition is very important for good performance in the game. Therefore, make sure that you are collecting the ammunition for the guns which you are carrying. New players in the game find it very tricky to manage their ammunition. Make sure that you are picking the guns with high damage. You should not keep unnecessary ammunition in the bag, throw it away or give it to other team members. PUBG is all about managing resources in the game and then using it efficiently. Managing ammo efficiently is essential to winning. Therefore, make sure that you are picking the correct guns for each class and the ammunition for the guns you carry. Always keep an eye on your ammo inventory in order to manage it before going into battle and fighting. Make sure that you are collecting loot from all the crates of the enemies as well. It is also important to reload your guns timely so that you can attack your enemies without any delay in the game.

Share resources with team members and protect them.

If you are playing with your team members, make sure that you share all the important resources with the team members as well. This is a team play; therefore, protect your team members and provide the resources when they don’t have to ensure that they are ready to give you backup when necessary in the game. Hoarding unnecessary items in the game is not useful at all; therefore, you should share them with other team members. You should keep some extra scopes as well in PUBG so that you can provide them to others in their time of need. You can also provide users with extra weapons or gear. Just make sure that you are not hurting your own team members. In general, providing resources to other players is very important in PUBG and the most vital one so that your team members are able to be competent in battle.

PUBG is fun to play, but new players find it very difficult to compete in the game. Therefore, they are looking for new ways to improve their game. Some even use some hacks as well to perform better in the game. Hacks are helpful but make sure that you use safe hacks and don’t end up getting banned in the game because some accounts are temporarily blocked by the team of the game.


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