ASIS Motorboats just completed producing two 8m Patrol Motorboats for any private company that gives construction and vital services within the Gas and oil sector in West Africa.

These RHIBs are made to make sure the safety from the State’s internal waterways by controlling, creating and looking after them.

Each RHIB is featuring our patented fiberglass air-shell, an aluminum open wheel house, a military gray Neoprene hypalon 1670 Dtex collar full of PE Foam, double jockey seats for six passengers, and 2 aluminum fuel tanks of the combined total capacity of 600L, allowing the boat to cruise continuously for more than a complete workday.

The wheelhouse has specifically been made to easily be removable with regards to shipping. Understanding that the boat is equipped with this exclusive Hyb Foam® non-deflatable foam tube a custom web design wheelhouse was necessary to be able to fit the boat inside a 40 feet container and save money on the shipping cost.

Ammunition mount and FLIR thermal night vision camera happen to be installed additionally towards the Garmin Gps navigation MAP, vision Sdcard, along with a shell mounted transducer all of which are standard on these Patrol Motorboats. Each Patrol Boat has the ability to carry as much as six sitting down passengers, even though it is certified to hold 15 pax offshore.

The boat is capable of doing reaching greater cruising speeds of 20 knots and traveling longer distances in comfort and security, because of the twin Yamaha 4 stroke F200hp BETX outboard engines with hydraulic steering.

ASIS is definitely an advanced maritime solution provider. We turn ideas into reality, supplying you with a strategy to your most complex issues.

The ASIS philosophy of Safety, Quality, Design, Innovation and gratifaction, integrated into each manufactured Rigid Inflatable Motorboats is the reason why ASIS Motorboats the most well-liked supplier to Military , police force and Commercial organizations all over the world