Messung Group, located in Pune, India, is really a diversified conglomerate offeringholistic technology solutions for industry.From as being a leading PLC manufacturer and industrial automation systems provider, the audience has changed to encompass three broad companies, namely Automation & Control, Electrical Engineering and Workplace Technologies. Messung has become a 1-stop source for an entire package of technology solutions for practically every need within the Food &Beverage (F&B) industry.

By having an integrated method of technology, extensive portfolio of innovative products, and 4 decades of industry experience, Messung goes past standard methods to develop customised, holistic solutions that add value and drive performance within the F&B industry.

Needs From The F&B INDUSTRY

For Industrial automation

From ovens andfreezers to mixers and blending machines from cutting and developing machines to conveyor belts and sortation equipment from wrapping equipment, complex bottling and packaging machines to robots, the F&B industry depends upon automated systems for industrial-scale food production.

Major automation can also be happening within the logistics and logistics area of the business since the proportions of clients are growing extremely fast. F&B companies wish to package their product in a high scale, carton it, distribute it and manage the entire warehousing concept instantly.

For atmosphere control

Within the F&B industry, the atmosphere of the facility is very important. The temperature, humidity levels, quantity of light, degree of air particle contaminants and power of specific gases all factor into maintaining the meals quality.

Precise heating and cooling is needed to guarantee the optimum conditions for production and luxury are maintained in the best manner. Making certain the right atmosphere increases production efficiency, improve energy-efficiency, ensure a higher-quality product, improve hygienic conditions and improve safety and health for those.

For energy management

Energy may be the largest expense at any industrial operation. For F&B plants, effective energy management is really a business necessity to watch and control price of production, and optimise equipment uptime. Elevated competition,tighter margins and rising energy costs imply that F&B producers need to optimise energy usage and lower energy costs.

For wastewater treatment

Automation of wastewater treatment plants might help the F&B industry cut costs by reduction of energy consumption and creating more effective utilization of chemicals. Additionally to those savings, automation will assist you to preserve the healthiness of the activated sludge system while making certain you won’t ever exceed ecological discharge limits.

For ergonomic cleanroom systems

To satisfy the critical hygiene and cleanliness standards mandated within the F&B industry, and supply more ergonomic working conditions because of its people, the requires cleanroom furniture as reported by the latest worldwide standards.


Messung Group offers smart manufacturing methods to let the F&B industry to deal with the needed amounts of qc, production speedand overall profitability.Messung’sindustrial automation and control systems can handle controlling, inside a distributed and redundant way, complex industrial processes, machines and-performance production lines.

Messung’sfactory automation solutions ensure higher quality control all across the logistics by looking into making the meals product traceable and safe with the many involved processes and touchpoints.

Automation and modern analytics tools could be deployed to trace products and goods from beginning to fulfilment. With appropriate systems, defects and issues in processing and packaging could be detected earlier, and automation can help you hone to the exact ‘when’ and ‘where’ of individuals problems to enable them to remedied.

Regardless of kind of product or the actual way it is packaged, Messungautomation finds its distance to the entire process of the F&B industry. In the finish during the day, Messungplant floor automation utilizing their Nx-era range ofProgrammable Logic Controllers, enables the meals processing industry to help keep costs lower and food quality up.

Messung has additionally involved in worldwide majors Sigmatek, Austria and Fuji Electric, Japan for a variety of globally proven Industry 4.-enabled servo drive solutions according to IEC 61131-3 standard, and VFD drives.  Using these partnerships, Messung is well positioned to supply reliable servo & motion control solutions for top-speed packaging processes and machinery within the F&B industry.Because of the open system architecture, others for example vision systems, robots and Pick & Place units could be seamlessly integrated.

Heating and cooling SOLUTIONS For That F&B INDUSTRY

Messung customises turnkey methods to meet exact specifications and supply an Heating and cooling system that fits the right food safety regulationstoensure the atmosphere maintains its integrity.

Messungbuilding management systems (BMS) can monitor the Heating and cooling of processing plants, packaging units and warehouses to make sure proper temperature and air flow, plus charge of humidity and gas concentrations where control over these parameters is needed. Lighting systems may also be controlled to make sure that the right level is maintained within the most cost-efficient way.


Messung has became a member of hands with Janitza GmbH, the planet leader in energy management solutions. Janitza provides a comprehensive range of products of power quality analysers and digital energy meters for energy management, power quality monitoring and residual current monitoring in one system atmosphere.The hardware and software are optimally tailored to each other.

Messung, together with Janitza, delivers customised energy management systemsas per IEC 61000-4-30, EN 50160 and IEC 61000-2-4 standards to allow power conservation, optimise power consumption and improve quality of power. By leveraging the strength of IoT, Messung ensures connectivity and real-time data analyses for prompt, informed making decisions.

Messung can also be Master Distributor for Wöhner busbar systems, and fashions advanced power distribution & control panels utilizing their own PLCs, Busbar products from Wöhner, worldwide grade HMIs, energy meters and cloud interfaces. All user interface designs produced by Messung are as reported by the latest technologies and IEC 61439 standards. Using high-finish design software, Messung has the capacity to provide top quality documentation for simple and accurate maintenance and servicing.


Messung’s wastewater treatment automation systems might help industrial clients treat their wastewater as efficiently as you possibly can. Instead of supplying a “one-size-fits-all” solution, Messung tailors your robotic voice for the specific needs.

Messung’s wastewater systems with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) provide you with a user-friendly interface for controlling system function.The effective human-machine interface (HMI) works with batch and continuous systems,facilitating easy monitoring, reporting, and controlling through the wastewater course of treatment.

The Ethernet support system enables technicians/operators to program, monitor, and control the system’s operation using a phone line. You may also connect Computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones to see the screens remotely.


To satisfy the critical hygiene and cleanliness standards mandated within the Food industry, Messung offers Class 100/ISO 5 cleanroom chairs and stools from Uchida, Japan.

Messung also provides stainless tables, laboratory chairs & stools, SS trolleys, storage racks and lab tables with drawers that fulfil global cleanroom criteriaas per ISO-14644-1guidelines, and supply unmatched ergonomics and convenience in controlled environments.


Establishing a new Food & Beverage factory? Searching to update machines and procedures? Wish to optimise energy usage and save money on exorbitant power bills? Have to integrate your process and management systems? Wish to provide your people more ergonomic and safe workspaces? Contact Messung Group. Messung is really a leading PLC manufacturer in India and can partner to supply the best and price-effective solutions, covering almost every facet of your industry – to boost productivity, minimise costs , achieve global quality and sustainability standards.

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